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Must See Tourist Destinations In Toronto

Must See Tourist Destinations In Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, nestled within the northern shores of Lake Ontario near the US border. It is the capital of the province of Ontario, a major cultural and financial hub for the country. More than six million people reside in the greater Toronto area, which continues to attract many foreign visitors because of its diversity. A visit to Toronto would not be complete without visiting the must-see tourist attractions listed below.

The CN Tower

Toronto boasts of its iconic CN Tower, considered as one of the seven wonders of the modern world. It is easy to catch a glimpse of this magnificent edifice from the city’s famous tourist areas. If you’d like to climb up the tower by foot, it would take you 1,776 steps to reach its peak at 1,815 feet and 5 inches!

The Art Gallery of Ontario

This museum is a beautiful space where art and architecture converge. It was designed by famous Toronto architect, Frank Gehry, who visited the original gallery frequently as a child. The art museum is home to over 90,000 works of art and bears a reputation of being one of the most distinguished museums in North America.

Casa Loma

Hailing from a different era, the Casa Loma boasts of its elegant unfading beauty. The castle is over 100 years old and is Canada’s largest private home. It was built by the late Henry Pellatt who earned his massive wealth through unethical manipulation of the stock market. In the end, he was evicted from his own home and died with just $85 to his name. It may be a sad story, but this Canadian landmark cannot be missed in any Toronto tour.

Edwards Gardens

Torontonians are known for their work focus, which explains why Toronto is also called “The City That Works.” Where there’s work, you will also find relaxation and recreation. The Edwards Gardens is a popular estate garden that bursts with perennials, roses, and wildflowers! The park also has expansive areas of rockery near the valley. There are more than 20 themed gardens within the estate, abundant space just for everybody who wants a taste of greenery.

The Distillery Historic District

You will find Toronto’s Distillery District near the waterfront. This is a tourist destination where the old meets the new. Cafes and restaurants are built into the old heritage structures of the Gooderham and Worts Distillery. More than 40 heritage buildings stand proud and strong in this quaint commercial-residential neighborhood.

The Royal Ontario Museum

This is probably one of the most eye-catching landmarks is the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). Its facade features an interesting design twist on a historical building. The galleries in the ROM showcase various artifacts of Canada’s aboriginal peoples, numerous artworks from across the globe, and nature exhibits.

There are many more must-see attractions in the city of Toronto, but the list above shows you the top six landmarks you shouldn’t miss on your next trip to Canada. Happy traveling!


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Canada Travel Tips That Might Save Your Life

Canada Travel Tips That Might Save Your Life

Decades ago, way before the availability and convenience of the internet, traveling was a luxury. Airplane tickets were expensive, and the available accommodation options were mostly only pricey hotels. Today, things are very different. Virtually anyone can travel. Budget airlines, guesthouses and hostels, and travel fairs have made world travel a much more affordable activity. One of the most amazing countries to check out is Canada. When going to Canada with friends or family, you must ensure safety and preparedness so you can experience the best vacation ever. Below are some helpful travel tips for your visit to Canada.

What to Wear

Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of land mass. This means you need to do some research about the weather in the city or province you are visiting because temperatures and climates vary across Canadian provinces. For instance, winter temperatures in Vancouver differ greatly from those of Winnipeg. Essential winter wear should include wool accessories, great-quality snow boots, and a waterproof jacket.

Petty Crimes

Most of the largest cities around the globe today have become favorite destinations for thieves. Since Canada is frequently visited by tourists around the world, they become easy targets for these criminals. You must be extra careful to protect yourself from petty crimes. Make sure to leave your passport inside a safe in your hotel. It will be better for you to carry around a photocopy instead, so you don’t risk losing your passport. Additionally, it would be wise to keep pieces of baggage out of sight when inside vehicles even when they’re locked to avoid tempting your neighborhood robber.

Canadian Visa

Some countries require entry visas, and Canada is one of them. During your travel preparations, make sure to allot sufficient time for the processing of your visa upon entry to Canada. Some nationalities need only an electronic travel authorization visa, which can be purchased online before departing your home country. Other countries are less fortunate and have to go through the Canadian embassy for interviews and the like.

Travel Insurance

Most people do not get travel insurance to save on travel expenses. However, accidents happen and if you are insured, you will have peace of mind. For example, traveling to Canada during winter season exposes you to activities that may be relatively dangerous. A lot of insurance companies offer extra insurance for activities like skiing and snowboarding. If these are part of your travel agenda, it is wise to get travel insurance with those extra premiums attached.

Always Carry Cash

Although Canada is a developed country, it does have its share of islands and rural towns. It is always wise for a traveler to carry spare cash and not just rely on credit cards or ATM cards. Bigger cities offer the conveniences of a metropolis, so there’s nothing to worry about in those places. However, if you plan to visit the more rustic and laid back provinces of Canada, make sure to have cash in hand. This way, you avoid potential problems that may ruin your vacation.


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