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Regions in Canada that You can Visit

Regions in Canada that You can Visit

Traveling to Canada can be intimidating because Canada is massive. At least 5000 kilometers separate Newfoundland and British Columbia. It is the same distance that separates Kolkata and Tokyo, or Riyadh and London. It will take you at most ten days to drive from one end of Canada to the other end. It takes about four hours if you are taking a flight from Vancouver to Toronto.

Regions You can Visit for Your Canada Travel

Atlantic Provinces

Atlantic provinces include Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick. The region is popular during Canada’s formation as a sovereign state.

Moreover, the Atlantic provinces are prominent because of its natural beauty, unique accents, and fishing and shipping industry. It is the origin of Acadian culture. Halifax, Nova Scotia’s provincial capital, is popular for its historic beauty. This Canadian region offers the extraordinary culture of Newfoundland and Labrador.


As a unique region, Quebec is different from the rest of Canada because of its culture. It is popular because of its cultural sites. Montreal is known for its classic architecture, and poutine and maple syrup. Quebec City has its Winter Festival. French is the major language in the region and Montreal is the 2nd largest city in the world that has French as a dominant language.


As Canada’s highly populated city, Ontario offers endless activities to travelers and tourists. Its largest city is Toronto, which is vibrant, eclectic, and multicultural. Ottawa is both bilingual and charming. Niagara Falls and Muskoka are also found in the region.


The Prairies region includes Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta. It is popular for its abundant resources and enormous open spaces. Its natural beauty is stunning. Alberta has the mountainous national parks of Jasper and Banff. The Canadian Shield, home of the oldest rock on the earth’s surface is in Manitoba. Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg are cities that offer everything from rodeos to museums.

British Columbia

The province of British Columbia is stunning. Whistler has its iconic ski slopes, Vancouver has its culture, Okanagan has its wineries, and Victoria has its charm. British Columbia proudly offers man-made and natural wonders. Also, it has the mildest winters, especially near its coasts. During the winter, British Columbia welcomes residents, tourists, and travelers who are not enthusiastic about the season.

The North

Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories form part of the North Territories. They offer unique landscapes and animals. Also, the North Territories have interesting, appealing human settlements. Dawson City is almost intact since the 1898 gold rush. Iqaluit is the newest territorial capital and is home to the adaptive architecture of the North’s harsh climate.

If you have more time and money to visit Canada, ensure that you check all the regions because each one has its own wonders to offer. Surely, you will find your experience enjoyable, fun, and satisfying. Canada is one of the most beautiful, yet the least visited country by tourists and travelers. It’s time to change that mindset. Plan your Canada travel now.


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Places to Visit in Montreal for Free

Places to Visit in Montreal for Free

Montreal is a cuisine capital in North America. As such, ensure to have it in your Canada travel plans. Montreal has temples that serve Arctic char, Kamouraska lamb, and poutine. You will surely love the city’s English pubs, patisseries, food markets, and Jewish delis. If you want to have fun on a lazy afternoon, you can try its hipster bars with cafes and bowling alleys. Also, Montreal’s late-night eateries offer food and drink.

The city of Montreal is Canada’s cultural juggernaut. It lives to celebrate art, with its 90 festivals, 250 theater and dance troupes, and neighborhoods of musicians, writers, and artists. It is also a city of design. You can spend a day in Old Montreal then go on a biking tour of Canal de Lachine. You can also go to the different restaurants and shops before accepting the invitation of Plateau Mont-Royal’s terraced cafes. You’ll find heritage churches and icons like the Habitat 67, Stade Olympique, and the Basilique Notre-Dame.

Old Montreal

As the hub of culture, Vieux-Montreal is the site of its original city. You can take horse-drawn carriages to take you around cobblestone streets and to notable sites like the Vieux-Port, the Hotel de Ville, the Basilique Notre-Dame, and the Marche Bonsecours.

You can mingle with the locals at sidewalk cafes overlooking the river. During the summer, you can enjoy the Place Jacques-Cartier street performers. Also, this place is popular for its souvenir shops, clubs, and bars.

Parc du Mont-Royal

As the largest park in Montreal, Parc du Mont-Royal is a 761-foot hill that towers over central Montreal. It is popular among cyclists, dog walkers, picnic goers, and joggers. During the warmer months, you can take a boat ride to Beaver Lake or Lac des Castors.

However, if you want a breathtaking view of the park and the city, head to Chalet du Mont-Royal. You can also make a shortstop in the two cemeteries located in the park, as well as the Mont-Royal Cross or the Croix du Mont-Royal.

Jean-Talon Market

Located near Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Jean-Talon Market is an open-air market that sells Quebecois cheeses, grilled sausages, homegrown spices, fresh produce, and handmade chocolates. You can mingle with the locals as you stroll through the market.

St. Joseph’s Oratory

St. Joseph’s Oratory is nearest to Mont-Royal and is a monstrous basilica at Montreal’s highest point. In Italian Renaissance style, its dome is made from copper and is 318 feet high. The inside has intricately carved murals. Thousands of votive candles will lead you the crypt.

You can check St. Joseph’s Oratory any day. But, hours differ because of the seasons. If there is no mass being held, you can avail of the tours. Entrance to the church, however, is free. You need to pay for the tours and the museum visit. Because it is a church, ensure that you dress appropriately.

Even on a budget, you can visit Montreal. Some popular tourist spots are free. You’ll surely enjoy your stay in this historic city.



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