Best time to visit Canada

Best time to visit Canada

Canada is a beautiful, vast country that makes up the northern part of North America.
The country itself borders the continental United States, stretches from coast to coast,
and is home to 10 Canadian provinces. Canada is home to 36.3 million residents, and a
plethora of beautiful, diverse species. With the country being so big, and even having 10
different provinces to visit, it is important to determine when the best time to visit
Canada is.

January through March

Canada is pretty far north from the equator, which is why it is no surprise that these
months host the Canadian winter. Do not let that winter fool you, though! Canada
winters can host some amazing wild life events, natural events, and even different
winter festivals. One of the most popular festivals for this time period is the Quebec
Winter Festival. This festival lasts for 14 days and is well known for amazing snow and
ice sculptures.
During this time frame, one of nature’s most rare shows can be seen: the aurora. The
aurora is commonly known as the northern lights, and can only be seen, late at night in
some of the coldest regions around the world. Though it may be cold, seeing the
northern lights will be worth it!

April through June
April and May are both less common months for tourists to travel to Canada. So much in
fact that the price of traveling to Canada during these months is lower than the rest of
the year. If you have to be traveling to Vancouver, British Columbia (along the west
coast of Canada), you can witness the best day time skiing. The sun is shining, and the
skies are clear, but the weather conditions are still great for snow play!
May is when the snow starts to melt, and other Canadian destinations become more
accessible. This month is also great for whale watching along the eastern coast of
June is an ideal month to visit if you want nothing to do with Canada’s cold winter. The
snow has melted, bodies of water have no more ice, and the weather is certainly not

July through October

July and August are the summer months for Canada, and offer a great variety of outdoor
activities. This is also a great time to watch Orca’s follow the salmon to Canada (on the
west coast).
From late August through November, the salmon run commences. Salmon return from
the ocean to western Canadian rivers for mating, and attract beautiful predators along
the way.

September and October exhibit the beautiful fall of Canada. From colorful leaves to
cooler weather, Canada’s scenery is at its most beauty during this time. This is also a
great time to visit Niagra Falls!

November and December

During these two months, the winter starts to return. Don’t let the cold scare you,
though! With the holidays approaching, Canada hosts many different holiday-based
festivals during this time, and they also start to reopen the skating rinks.
The best time to visit Canada, is during whatever season you want to visit. There is
always something to see or do year round in this beautiful country!

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