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Famous Festivals in Canada

Famous Festivals in Canada

Canada, what a beautiful country! This North American country is vast, is home to 10 provinces, and millions of people. Often times Canada is famous for its fabulous views and state parks. As beautiful as these phenomenon’s are, Canada also has something unique to offer: festivals!

Each festival in Canada has its own time frame, depending on the season and the festival purpose. Regardless of what festival you want to plan, Canada can sure throw a party! Below is a small list of famous festivals that are held amongst the 10 provinces in Canada.

Vancouver Festival of Lights. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada’s most western province), the Vancouver Festival of Lights offers the largest firework competition for its visitors. This is not simply a bunch of people blowing off fireworks. The even encompasses food vendors, concerts, and the popular seawall challenge. This festival happens in July.

Calgary Stampede. The Calgary Stampede surely has history on its side, dating back to 1912! This festival happens across the span of 10 days in July where they aim to preserve western culture and heritage. From tournament style rodeos, to rides, you won’t be bored during this festival!

Toronto International Film Festival. Though they do not seem common, film festivals are great entertainment and a great resource for film-lovers everywhere! Here you can view first showings of various films—from professional to indie—and even learn a thing or two about the art of film. This event attracts thousands of visitors from across the world and held annually, in September.

Winterlude Festival. Located in Ottawa, the Winterlude Festival takes the cold winter months to the next level. This festival is held during the first 3 weekends in February and is held in Canada’s capital: Ottawa. Here visitors have the chance to ice skate on the world’s largest ice skating rink, and view beautiful ice and snow sculptures. This Canadian festival takes winter to the next level by also offering concerts and even a snow playground during this festival.

Celtic Colors International Festival. Located in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia (specifically on the island of Cape Breton), the Celtic Colors International Festival is celebrated by the whole island of Cape Breton! This festival is held during October, which offers some of Canada’s most beautiful scenery. Compliment the scenery, the festival incorporates all things Celtic. From music to entertainment to food; this festival is here to celebrate the Celtic heritage.

This short list of famous festivals in Canada is certainly not a complete list. There are a variety of other activities and festivals that Canada has to offer its locals and visitors, and there is only one way to experience them! If you are looking to travel to Canada, make sure you know when you want to go, and look up what famous festivals are going to be held during that time frame. Not only will you get the tourist version of the country, but you will also get a taste of Canadian culture as well!