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Best places to visit in Canada

Best places to visit in Canada

Located on the northern US border, the beautiful country of Canada lies. Making up the
northern part of North America, Canada stretches from both the east coast to the west
coast, consisting of 10 provinces. This beautiful country offers many beautiful
landscapes and French heritage. To see all of Canada, you will probably have to go more
than once—but that does not mean you cannot plan ahead! Here are a few of the best
places to visit while traveling through Canada.

1. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

This beautiful Canadian city lies closely to the Pacific Northwest portion of America
(just above Washington), with much to offer to locals and tourists from across the world.
The city of Vancouver offers an artistic view for locals and tourists, with plentiful
museums exhibiting only the most beautiful art pieces that Canada has to over. Not only
is the art prominent in this beautiful, Canadian city, but Vancouver is also the home to
the ever popular Stanley Park. Stanley Park offers gorgeous scenery from Canada’s
finest, but also a scenic sea wall.

2. Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Chances are, you have already heard of Banff National Park. Photographers,
adventurers, tourists, all of these individuals taking amazing pictures and posting those
to social media of Banff National Park Scenery. Chances are, you have already said “I
want to go here!”, or “what a beautiful place!” If you have not, not to worry! There is still
time to go visit this ancient park. Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest national park,
dating back to the 1800s. In the modern world, Banff National Park still offers beautiful
scenery, and plenty of things to do. Perhaps some of the highlights from Banff National
Park are the gondola ride, ski resorts, and hot springs. Are you more of an adventurous
tourist and prefer adventure? Banff National Park has something for everyone!
Adventurers can enjoy the diverse landscape, and those who simply want to relax have
hot springs to do so.

3. Québec City, Québec, Canada

Québec City is located in Québec Canada, and offers a taste of Europe for those who do
not actually want to go to Europe. This city is home to history, French culture, and is
perfect for romantic destinations. The city once stood in the shadow of the ever-popular,
Toronto, but when Québec City reached 400 years, the cities tourism took a leap
forward. Quebec City is home to a beautiful citadel, cathedral, Montmorency falls, and
even a castle like hotel. This city is perhaps one of the most historic and French cities
that Canada offers to the world. The city encompasses its 400 year history with its stone
buildings, narrow streets, and colonial core. Make sure to bring your French skills with
you, as this is the most French speaking city in all of Canada!

Those were three places in Canada that are surely worth visiting. No amount of wording
can truly encompass the beauty and culture these Canada destinations can bring us. Be
sure to plan ahead, and learn some French!

My favorite destinations in Canada to visit

My favorite destinations in Canada to visit

Hello! Welcome to my Canada travel blog.

On my blog I will be posting all things related to travel in Canada. From culture to climate, means of transportation, necessary documents to enter the country as a tourist, activities for various groups, and so much more! I am excited to be able to share my love for Canada with everyone, so here we go…

Canada has a varied, vast landscape with wide open spaces, beautiful forests, massive mountains and wonderful bodies of water. Throughout my time spent in Canada, I’ve found a number of my favorite places to visit and want to share them with you here, so that you too can enjoy the greatness that is Canada!

Listed starting at my most favorite destination:

  1. Banff National Park
  2. Whistler
  3. Old Quebec
  4. Vancouver
  5. Toronto’s CN Tower
  6. Ottawa’s Parliament Hill
  7.  Old Montreal
  8. Churchill, Manitoba
  9. Bay of Fundy
  10.  Gros Morne National Park

My favorite thing about Canada is that the people are so nice. Everywhere you go people are kind and friendly, always willing and wanting to lend a helping hand to a traveler. I never had any problems while traveling in Canada, and it was always an amazing experience. I look forward to sharing more information with you coming up soon! Stay on the lookout for my next post about the beauties of Banff National Park! In the mean time you can get all the up to date information from Canada’s Official Travel and Tourism Website Here.


Dont hesitate to reach out with any questioins!