What Not To Miss Out On In Vancouver

What Not To Miss Out On In Vancouver

You will find a lot of things to do in Vancouver. So, better include it in your Canada travel plans. But, if it is your first time in the city, you first need to orient yourself. Harbour Center has an observation deck where you can see the city skyline. If you are bringing your kids, they will surely enjoy the Vancouver Aquarium with at least 7,000 creatures. Also, the Vancouver Art Gallery and Science World are a must see.

You can take a harbor cruise to give you a whole new perspective of the city. Then, take a 15-minute drive to the Grouse Mountain. At least 1 million visitors take the gondola ride every year. They also ski and hike. Moreover, the visit the wildlife refuge and try the zipline.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a serene oasis in the middle of an urban jungle. It is a National Historic Site with at least 8 million guests yearly. It has a rainforest, picturesque beaches, wonderful local wildlife, mountainous vistas, and historic landmarks.

You will find Stanley Park in the north-western part of downtown Vancouver. Before 1888, it was home to the first settlers of Canada like the Squamish, Musqueam, and Burrard. Named after Canada’s Governor General Lord Frederick Stanley, it was an early official green space.

Stanley Park has tennis courts, beaches, picnic areas, water park, kid’s playground, and the popular Vancouver Seawall. You cannot finish touring Stanley Park in one day. The Brockton Point boasts of nine totem poles. Stanley Park’s indigenous people carved most of these poles.

You can tour Stanley Park via shuttle, by bike, or by foot. But, if you want a relaxing and comfortable tour, you can jump aboard the horse-drawn carriages for a tour. If you want to experience the hikes and nature trails, you can sightsee by foot.

Kitsilano Beach

If California has its Venice Beach, Vancouver has Kitsilano Beach. Kits Beach, as it is fondly called, is popular to Canada’s citizens and tourists during the summer. The Kitsilano Pool is known as the longest pool in the country. Also, it is the lone heated saltwater pool in Canada.

Kits Beach offers white sand, quiet swimming conditions, and stunning views of the city. You can take a stroll of the Seaside Greenway, the world’s longest and uninterrupted waterfront pathway. Kitsilano Beach is accessible by ferry, car, or bus.

Canada Place

Located in the vibrant harbor area of Vancouver, Canada Place is the entry point of tourists who arrive by ship. It offers a lively promenade with different facilities like a flight simulation center, waterfront cinema, walking tours, hotel, etc.

You will recognize Canada Place through its five white sails that comprise its roof. You can visit The Canadian Trail, the Heritage Horns, and the Dream of Canada Exhibit for an experience of Canada’s enchanting culture and heritage.

Beginning with The Canada Trail, you will learn about Canada’s histories. You can take the nostalgic walkway as you go through the tiles and colored glass that showcase Canada’s ten provinces and three territories. Guided tours are available if you want to learn the history in detail.


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